Why the new personal web site?

Why the new personal web site?

It's been quite a long time since I've updated my personal home page, so anyone who has seen my old home page is probably wondering what the heck I've done. The new home page doesn't seem to be anything at all like my last one. So why change it?

Truth be told, my home page is just a way to test out my newest creation, simply called "Vovio".

I'm an independent software developer, and Vovio is my newest creation. Vovio my own content manager / blogging platform. It's a bit like WordPress, but in a lot of ways, it's nothing like it. That's why I wrote it.

I own about 750 domain names, but it's nearly impossible to put web sites on all of them from one central location. It's way too much work to install WordPress on all of them, and just as hard to update content on them from one central location. Vovio lets me do that.

So, I decided it was better to build something from scratch, even though I would be giving up a lot of the features of a ready-made program, but as a programmer, I have complete control. I can make Vovio as full-featured as I want, and make sure it can work on every domain I own.

So, here I am. Starting all over. With an empty canvas. Kinda fun, if you think about it. Now, I just have to decide what comes next.

, Founder

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